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This page is a melting pot, of sorts, for all of my web-related information...

Contact Information

An email contact can be found at the bottom of every page on this site. If instant messaging is your thing, my handle on the AIM and Yahoo Messenger networks is herskal. With a little bit of looking, you could probably find my phone number and mailing address too...

Web Site Design

I administer two other websites on a volunteer basis; the Copper Basin 300 Sled Dog Race and the Kenny Lake Library. The design and upkeep of all of my sites is accomplished with the same tools. HTML is written in the vim text editor and graphics are primarily made using Adobe Photoshop Elements. My web browser of choice is Safari, but I try to ensure cross-browser compatibility. All of the web content I create is validated using tools provided by the World Wide Web Consortium. Links are provided at the bottom of every page to check validation.

Herskal.com and cb300.com are both hosted by DreamHost (highly recommended).

A Note on Browsers

How did a web browser as crappy as Internet Explorer get to be so common? From a web development standpoint, IE is one royal pain in the ass. Microsoft has no concept of adhering to existing standards. Please, do everyone (including yourself) a favor and use a modern, (mostly) standards compliant browser such as Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox, OmniWeb, or Safari. Basically anything but IE!

Frequently Visited Web Sites

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