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I live in the Kenny Lake, Alaska area. The weather information below is for Copper Center, Alaska, which is about 25 miles from my home. Weather around here can vary greatly even just a couple miles away. However, Copper Center's weather is usually pretty close to mine. Besides, that's the closest weather forcast data.

Driving distance from My Home to the nearest...

Service Name Community Mileage
K-12 School Kenny Lake School Kenny Lake, AK 0.8
Restaurant Golden Spruce Kenny Lake, AK 3.5
Gas Station Alaskan House Tonsina, AK 7.6
Laundry & Showers Tonsina Lodge Tonsina, AK 9.8
U.S. Post Office Copper Center, AK 99573 Copper Center, AK 24.8
Grocery Store Copper River Cash Store Copper Center, AK 24.9
Airport (w/ scheduled commercial service) Valdez Pioneer Field (VDZ) Valdez, AK 89.9
Traffic light (red-yellow-green) Glenn Hwy & W Arctic Ave Palmer, AK 185
Department Store Wal-Mart Wasilla, AK 196

Meteorology and Aurora

Seismology and Volcanology

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