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Apple iPod Apple iBook Chieftec case
Ambler Nulato Nikolai
Model Apple iPod Apple iBook Homebuilt x86 tower
Purchased Nov 2003 Nov 2002 Feb 2002
Display 2" grayscale LCD 12.1" LCD 17" Trinitron CRT
Processor ? 800MHz PowerPC G3 AMD Athlon XP 1700+
Memory ? 640MB 512MB
Hard Disk 20GB 30GB 60GB
Optical Drive none CD-RW/DVD-ROM CD-RW & DVD-ROM
Operating System ? Mac OS X Panther Windows 2000 Pro
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Packets and Ports

My network ports aren't getting much use at this point. However, I'm installing a LAN in my new home. Then I'll have eight network jacks, five phone jacks, and a wireless access point. I'll probably also get DSL to make my LAN a bit more useful.

The Origin of Nulato et al

I started off naming my computers after checkpoints on the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. The Iditarod didn't offer a decent name for my iPod, so I expanded my search base to include all communities in Alaska. Please visit the Alaska Department of Community and Regional Affairs' Alaska Community Database for more information on Ambler, Nulato, Nikolai, and other Alaskan communities.

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